About us

Hampshire Lanterns is a group of mums who have experienced or are experiencing mental health problems during the perinatal period. The group was formed by mums in liason with the award winning Hampshire Perinatal Team.

There is currently a lack of peer support groups in this area for mums with mental health problems and the aim of Hampshire Lanterns is to form a friendly non stressful group, where you can be yourself and talk about things that you may not be comfortable talking about within other groups. There is the option to attend an informal group meeting or access support via facebook, you can even volunteer to help run the group; whatever you are comfortable with. We aim to support each other and share recovery stories so that no mum ever has to feel alone with their problems.

The facebook group is called Hampshire Lanterns, it is a closed group so you will need to request to be added to the group. Once you’ve been accepted into the group then please read the pinned post for your safety and security.

Please note Hampshire Lanterns is a support group that is set up by mums and the facebook pages are not checked continuously therefore if you are having thoughts of suicide or could be a danger to yourself or others please seek urgent medical attention, this may be by contacting your GP urgently/out of hours GP, dialing 111 or going to A&E. The useful links page also has details of The Samaritans who can offer telephone support round the clock.