What’s On

Hampshire Lanterns aims to meet regularly, we understand how daunting it can be to go to a typical baby group and when you have mental health problems this can make it so much harder.

At Hampshire Lanterns we have all experienced mental health problems and with our group meetings there is absolutely no judgement if you come along and are having a bad day. You can be free to be yourself however you feel on that day.

We aim to make you feel welcome whatever your circumstances, it can be very therapeutic hearing other mums talking about their experiences and knowing you are not alone. If you want to come along and listen to other mums talking there is no pressure for you to talk.

Details of the next meet will be published soon. Children are welcome :) We are also hoping to have some focussed sessions, for example this could be a session on mindfulness, baby massage, medication etc.

he facebook group is called Hampshire Lanterns, it is a closed group so please do request to be added to the group if you wish to join :)  Once you have been accepted please read the pinned post for your safety and security.